President's Message

The year of 2016 will go on record as one of the driest in East and Middle Tennessee. Since mushrooms need moisture, this wasn't a great year for mushroom hunting.

Despite the dry weather, we had moderately successful forays at Rock Island State Park, Pickett State Park, and Big South Fork. Records were set for attendance at Rock Island and Big South Fork, so the club continues to grow.

Species lists for these forays are posted on the "Species List" tab and photo links can be found on the "Photos" tab.

This year's first foray, held at Cumberland Mountain State Park in early July, was a big success. Spring and early summer rains have been bringing the mushrooms out. A dry spell hit just before the late July foray at Rock Island State Park. While there wasn't a huge abundance of species, there were some interesting specimens, and we had a great time. There were a lot of mushrooms out at the foray in late August at Pickett State Park, and we identified 97 species, the most ever in our 11 outings at that location. The last foray of 2017 is scheduled is late September at Big South Fork.

-Steve Roberts
CMS President


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